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SEO Services Provided by Hosting Nation

The top 3 results in Google get over 65% of the click throughs on keyword searches. All of the rankings after the first page represent only 5% of the click throughs. Improved rankings help improve the chances of repeated visits, and improve the users overall impression of the site because of higher visibility, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

Our SEO packages start at just $499 for a small business web site. Sustainable, organic SEO efforts will continue to generate traffic and new business for a long time to come and, once done, require minimal effort and expense to maintain.

We'll work with you to get you to the front page and give you help, advice and strategies to get your site into the top three results and stay with you to keep it there. Our small business package covers up to ten pages on your site and anywhere from 7-15 unique keyphrases for only $499!

Each SEO package from Hosting Nation comes with on and off-page services.


On-page services.

Keyword Discovery: We'll find keyphrases for your site that provide the best opportunities to drive fresh, qualified traffic. We don't just pick the most popular or easiest to rank terms, we search long and hard for keywords that your demographic uses to describe your product so you get the right business, not just a bunch of traffic.

Content Evaluation: We evaluate your content and make suggestions to improve your results with visitors and search engines. We check your copy for your keywords and other related phrases and provide suggestions to improve readability for visitors while being well optimized for search engines.

The right blend of unique and common content goes a long way to a top ranking. Not enough unique content and you won't rank. Too much and you'll lose relevance for common terms. We check your content for uniqueness and relevance and provide suggestions to adjust your copy. We can also get the copy written for you

Images, Navigation and Other Elements: Search engines like well interlinked and organized content with clear descriptions. Whether it's your URLs, your navigation, your images or any element on your site, we optimize it for your keywords and search engines.

Off-page services

Submission services: We submit your site to key directories, websites and search engine services to get you started with a link portfolio that you can grow with. 5 confirmed Google links are guaranteed with this package.

For other off-page services browse through our premium and added services below.

Added Services

Premium Directory Submission: Get submitted to our list of paid and highly credible and popular directories with bundles starting at $99. It's a great way to get ahead on your link portfolio.

Extra Regions: Targeting additional regions is a great idea if you operate in more than a single area. If you're targeting multiple locations, metropolitan areas, national or international business, let us know in advance and we'll schedule a free consultation to discuss your options.

Monthly Services.

Monthly services are available as an ongoing service as a bundle, or individual services and right now you can get our reporting services, article development and syndication servicee and directory submission services for only $599.00 per month! There's no minimum time commitment, though a minimum of three months is recommended.

Monthly Report: $199.00 - You get a monthly report with your current rank, results for your link building portfolio, links to new tools, articles and resources to help you with your efforts. You also get an overview of your monthly stats and any trends we discover.

Directory Submission: *$199.00 - You get 5 confirmed links from a combination of high quality paid and free directories.

Article and Press Release Development and Submission: *$299.00: We will write one article or press release, up to 500 words on a topic or event related to your business and keywords.

*Submission and syndication fees are extra

Guaranteed First page rankings: Request a quote to see if you qualify for our first page guarantee! First page placement may be simpler than you think, and by purchasing our guarantee you can be assured that we'll keep working on your site until you have 20% of your keywords in the first page of Google and one other major search engine and at least one keyword in the top three.

The cost of a guarantee will depend largely on your operating area, assets and ability to assist with marketing. Some sites in certain industries may not qualify for first page guarantees, just contact us for more details if you're interested in a placement guarantee.