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Continuous Data Protection

The R1Soft Data Recovery Service creates multiple resoration points automatically and keeps them safely on our servers.

When you order any hosting account from Hosting Nation, you can feel safe and secure knowing that we're backing up your data with the industry leading R1Soft Continuous Data Protection software.

Our Hosting for Business plan takes data recovery one step further. If something goes wrong, all you have to do is let us know and we'll restore your site to it's previous state. Whether that means a single file, your database or your entire site from one of 10 different daily restore points.

Click Here to go to the R1Soft Wiki for startup guides and info on using R1Soft CDP for complete details on the R1Soft Continuous Data Protection software.

If something goes wrong, let us know and we'll restore your site to it's former health. Click the R1Soft Logo for more information on the data recovery service and how it benefits you.

Plus, you'll never lose a day of hosting. Transfer your web hosting to Hosting Nation today and we'll credit your account with whatever time is remaining on your current hosting plan*.

Click Here to order our Hosting with Continuous Data Protection, or call 1-888-558-4678 to arrange a new hosting account or transfer with one of our support staff by phone.

*Credit will be given for up to 1 year of hosting. Please read our Terms of Service for complete details.