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About Hosting Nation

Our team has over 50 combined years of experience in web design, web hosting, programming and web development, web security, marketing and search engine optimization.

Richard Lawrence - CEO and General Manager

Rick Lawrence is the company's leader & visionary. His role as general manager focuses his time on managing acquisitions, business development and human resources. As the company leader, Rick is out in the community evangelising Hosting Nation in various public forums including the local Chamber of Commerce. Rick is also very active in internal and external project management, working with Hosting Nation's various departments and client base to develop and implement a wide variety of web based solutions.

Rick has been working in the industry since the early 90's, though his passion for the web came later when, in 1998, he had a chance to be mentored by one of the original founders of the Macromedia company for 15 months.

Hosting Nation is driven by Rick's vision of creating web based applications and software as a service as a replacement for the traditional downloadable media prevalent in the market today. Rick's expertise lies in project management, business management, business development, hosting and domain technology and consulting on web solutions ranging from mobile apps to 3D graphic development.

Rick currently resides in Parksville with his wife Rebecca and their dog and best friend Shiloh. He is fluent in both english and french and is a semi-professional musician, spending much of his time actively working with music teams involved with church worship & outdoor events. He currently shares the leadership of the worship team at a local church in Qualicum Beach where he also serves as an elder on a leadership team.

He is an experienced traveller and enjoys the opportunities when he is able to go on short term missions and speak to people around the world about his faith and his music. To date he has journeyed to Argentina, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy and the United States. Join Rick and Becky on their journey through their website at

Erik Weisner - Director of Software Development

Erik Weisner is a programmer and developer with over 15 years of experience in programming and application development. Erik has coded applications in a range of languages including BASIC, C, Pascal, Delphi, and MS Access and very familiar with common web languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and other web based platforms. Erik's expertise is custom web development across a variety of languages, frameworks and platforms. Erik joined Hosting Nation in 2007 as director of software development where he continues to develop amazing apps like Adam's App, our multimedia presentation tool.

Erik now resides in Qualicum Beach after moving from Campbell River where he lived for over a decade. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. Erik is an enthusiastic amateur videographer and enjoys spending his time producing video shorts.

Randall Donald - System Administrator

cPU Badge Randall Donald has over 15 years of experience in computing and web technology. He started using Unix systems and the Internet in 1992 at Simon Fraser University where he graduated with a B.Sc. In Computing Science. In 1994, Randall entered the field of web development and internet software. Randall's expertise ranges from Unix system administration to programming to design. Randall works daily with technologies like apache, postfix, exim, cPanel, mysql, bash, perl, Java, and C as well as the popular JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS frameworks. Randall is still active in the Linux community and spent a number of yearsas the lead developer on the Debian NVIDIA packaging team.

In 2005 Randall moved to his wife's hometown of Parksville where they started their own alpaca farm, Alpacas of the Coast, where they now have over 15 animals. Randall is an active musician and composer and in addition to composing parts for masses, currently sings in the church choir directed by his wife, and the Island Consort in Nanaimo.